You have never used iPlanners iCloud Sync feature? Skip to step 2.
You have previously used the iCloud Sync feature but you have run into problems? Start with step 1.

1.Delete iCloud Data

1.1 Disable the iCloud Sync on all devices (iPlanner > Backup > iCloud Sync > Off)

1.2 Delete iPlanners iCloud data using one device.

iOS System Settings> iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage > Display all

Delete all iPlanner data you can find here

1.3 Wait a moment, so all devices will register the deletion of the cloud data.

2.Upload data from first device into the cloud

The first device should include the most recent data, as the other devices will receive this status!

2.1 Enable iCloud Sync in iPlanner

The message "No iCloud Data found" needs to appear. Else see 1.3

2.2 Proceed > Yes

Wait until the process is complete.

2.3 After completion, wait a moment, so the other devices have enough time to detect the new data in the cloud.

Every time you enable the iCloud Sync, we store a local backup of your plans (iPlanner > Backup> Local Restore). Local backups are deleted, when you delete the app!

3.Enable other devices

3.1 Enable iCloud Sync

The message "cloud data found" should appear including a time stamp. The time stamp should also correspond to the activation of your first device. Else see 2.3

3.2 Sync with cloud

3.3 Wait a moment, until the process completes.

The sync is now active