Main View

In iPlanner you create categories that you can reuse later in your events.

In the Category View the following actions are possible:

  • Sort categories
  • Create categories
  • Edit categories
  • delete categories

Categories can also be created during event creation. Select "Event".

Colors and Icons

The following display options are available:

  • Color and/or max.2 Key Letters
  • Icon

Display Options

Display Options

You can use Emojis as Key Letters.


You can store a pre-defined duration for your category here.

If you choose the category in an event, "Start & End" will be automatically filled out.
This allows you to save some time when creating events, if all events in this category use the same time.

Still you can manually change "start & amp; end".

Creating or modifying the duration, does not affect existing events.


Targets were originally implemented to manage your Holiday Entitlements, but may be used for other purposes.

Example: You assign a category "Vacation", for 2015 a target of 31.5 days.

The report now shows in addition to the consumption, your set target.

Exceeded targets are marked in red.








Since targets are associated with a year, they are visible only in the annual reports.