iCloud Sync

You have never used iPlanners iCloud Sync feature? Skip to step 2. You have previously used the iCloud Sync feature but you have run into problems? Start with step 1. 1.Delete iCloud Data 1.1 Disable the iCloud Sync on all devices (iPlanner


In iPlanner there are 2 calendars available, displaying additional information. Calendars can be selected via the calendar button in the upper area. primary calendar: Marking of the entire field (default color: red) secondary calendar: Marking by horizontal line (default color: red)    


Main View Colors and Icons Duration Targets Main View In iPlanner you create categories that you can reuse later in your events. In the Category View the following actions are possible: Sort categories Create categories Edit categories delete categories Categories can


Events Select or create a category. Start/End/Duration Select the start and end date of the event. The following types of events are possible: all-day half-day time Plan Select the plan where the event should be created. Repeat Repeats the event.

Getting Started

To create events, you first need a category. 1. Create a category More button > Categories new category Enter a name, for example, “Vacation” Switch to icons and choose an icon Save > Cancel 2. Create an event Press the “+” button Under