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Use iPlanner as a duty roster, a shift planner, for vacation planning or to visually record projects. The areas of uses cover a broad range. iPlanner entices with its flexibility and is especially suitable in areas that require quick overviews and complicated recurring events.

In addition to an annual, monthly, weekly and daily view option, the calendar view provides a detailed listing of birthdays or holidays. Define the view in which you want to start your app.


Event Categories represent templates that can be designed individually for recurring use. In addition to integrated colors and symbols you can also use your Emojis.


The reports display you category use. Hours were counted yesterday. By setting targets for instance , you can review your vacation entitlements at any time.


iCloud, Dropbox, local Backup, online Backup with iCal generation for calendar subscriptions. You have the choice.


Holidays and birthdays are integrated. Holidays are brought current continuously through updates. For travelers, holidays for over 30 countries are available.


Share your plans. Immediate printouts via AirPrint and sending PDF files are included. Send your plans to other iPlanner users via mail for import.


If one plan is not enough for you, you can create any number of plans in iPlanner. Separate business from private plans or provide a plan option for each family member.


iPlanner receives regular free of charge updates for more than 5 years, without In-App purchases. Numerous improvement suggestions have already been implemented.

And more ...

Calendar weeks, time zone support, filterable reports…

* not all listed features are currently available on all platforms


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iPlanner HD

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